Monday, May 21, 2012

A Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters With Skills and Daring

A Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters With Skill and Daring
By James Doyle
Illustrated by Andrew Brozyna
Gibbs Smith, 2012.  151 pages. Non-fiction.

This is a fun guide to natural disasters, weather, and beasts. Also included are science experiments to explain the principle behind each challenge, which gives the reader a chance to reenact them with little danger. I have a fear of earthquakes, so I turned right to that section to read about earthquake science and survival tactics. The tips are informative for children without being scary, and the overview on historical earthquakes is really interesting. The accompanying science experiment teaches about pressure with a soda can and water. The water is boiled inside the can and then when removed and placed into a bowl of cold water, the can crushes itself immediately. Instructions may be found in the book excerpt on Google Books.  A must-check out for school science projects or long summer days!

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