Saturday, December 10, 2011


by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Kevin Cornell
Disney/Hyperion, 2011. Unpaged. Picture book.

Vain King Duncan loves his handsome visage and wants everyone to admire it as much as he does. His solution is to plaster tributes to himself all over the kingdom, including gigantic banners and statues. However, in his single-minded approach, he neglects the more important matters such as repairs and other kingdom projects. His subjects respond to the various installations in a sly and hilarious manner that offends the king greatly and Battle Mustache begins!

This is a wonderful, charming story filled with funny, bright text and fantastic illustrations. The art is beautifully rendered and the story is one that can be enjoyed by all. Children especially will laugh uproariously at the king's outrage and the villagers' pranks. This is a marvelous combination that will surely become a favorite! I really "mustache" that you do not miss it!

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