Friday, November 4, 2011

Train Trip

Train Trip
by Deanna Caswell
illustrated by Dan Andreason
Disney, 2011, Picture book

Almost every toddler goes through a stage when they love trains and here is the perfect book for those littlest engineers. A little boy boards a train that will lead him from his home in the country to his grandparents in the city. On the way the boy enjoys the scenery, eats a snack, and even gets to go up in the engine with the conductor. At the end of the trip he happily disembarks and runs into the waiting arms of his grandma. Caswell's super simple rhyming text is all written in two or three word phrases. "Ticket ready. Tight Grip/To Grandma's house. Train trip!" The rhythm of the words imitate the rocking rhythm of a train. Andreasen illustrates the charming tale with computer drawn, cartoon images that have a retro feel. The train itself is reminiscent of the circus train in Dumbo with a smiling face and rosy cheeks. Kids who love Thomas the Tank Engine will enjoy this one.

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