Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scrawny Cat

Scrawny Cat
by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Alison Friend
Candlewick, 2011. Unpaged. Picture book.

Scrawny Cat used to belong to someone--and she belonged to him. But now he is on his own, lonely and little and lost. He can't remember his real name, since now his name seems to be "Get Out of Here!" To add to his troubles, he runs into a big black dog who chases him until Scrawny Cat jumps into a covered dinghy just as a downpour begins, and the dog runs off. When the strong wind pulls the boat away from its moorings, Scrawny Cat is alone at sea, hungry and cold. Lucky for him that he washes ashore near the cottage of a lonely woman named Emma who takes him in, dries and feeds him, names him Skipper, and gives him a home. Such a lovely story with perfect pictures that make you want to open a can of tuna and bring home a stray cat. Little animal lovers in your home should quickly take to Scrawny Cat and rejoice in the happy ending of a well-told story.

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