Thursday, September 22, 2011


by Dan Santat
Arthur A. Levine, 2011. 216 pgs. Graphic Novel.

When Captain Amazing (secret identity: Harold) starts to feel his age and then is laid low by a peanut allergy, he decides he needs a sidekick and will hold tryouts as soon as he recovers. Immediately his pets--a dog, a hamster, and a newly-arrived chameleon--decide they want to be his sidekick because they like hanging out with him and he is hardly ever home. Soon Roscoe, Fluffy, and Shifty are duking it out for the sidekick spot. Things get scary when they encounter The Claw who is about to finish them off when they discover that his secret identity is Manny, a former household pet who left after Roscoe stole his favorite stuffed animal. But when Captain Amazing's DNA is stolen by the dread Dr. Havoc, the pets must pull together to save everybody, and the smallest, least super-powered of them all, saves the day. A terrific adventure--pictures and text--for middle-graders.

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