Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thunder Birds: Nature's Flying Predators

Thunder Birds: Nature's Flying Predators
by Jim Arnosky
Sterling, 2011. 33 pgs. Nonfiction.

The peerless and irreplaceable Jim Arnosky has done it again with this beautiful book about "the largest and most powerful birds." Arnosky's pictures of birds, many of them portrayed life-size, fulfill the promise of his introduction where he hopes the reader will see "the same light [he] saw in their wild eyes." Arnosky's breathtaking drawings could easily swamp his text were he not a fine prose stylist as well. He somehow manages--I wish I knew how!--to communicate the deepest respect for the natural world while his easygoing nature and desire to draw others into a similar regard makes his writing readily accessible to all ages. "Thunder Birds" is one of the best nature books of the year so far.

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