Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Extreme Rainforest: Amazing Encounters with Incredible Animals

Extreme Rainforest: Amazing Encounters with Incredible Animals
By the Editors of Kingfisher
Kingfisher, 2011. 47 pgs. Nonfiction

The metallic neon green, gold, red, and silver snake striking off the cover of this book will certainly attract animal- and thrill-loving kids, and scare others off. This book does nothing by halves and is chock full of both icky and fascinating facts about the rain forest. Bird-eating spiders I could do without, as well as brilliant little frogs that can drop you like a stone if you touch them. But the running-on-water green basilisk lizard, the black leopard, even the ice-pick toothed piranha make for fascinating reading and terrific graphics. Each page gives a list of each creature's Superpowers, Equipment, Weakness, and an unusual Fact. Sliding scales measure the animal's intelligence, agility, strength, endurance, speed, and attack skills, and a world map is colored in to show the animal's range. A terrific book for young animal fiends, or great fodder for a rainforest report.

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