Monday, June 27, 2011

Princess Kim and Too Much Truth

Princess Kim and Too Much Truth
by Maryann Gogga-Leffler
Albert Whitman and Co. 2011. Unpag.
Kim's school teacher, Mrs. Della, tells that class that it is important to always tell the truth. Kim decides to try it, but when she tells her grandma that her necklace looks like fish tank pebbles and her dad that his pancakes are rubbery, they don't seem pleased with her truthfulness. Kim can't figure out why telling the truth has made everyone so mad at her, until her friend suggests she focus her truthful comments on the "one single thing" that she likes about her grandma's necklace or her friend's boots. This is a lighthearted book that deals with and important life skill. Kim is feminine and frilly and the illustrations are likely to appeal to children who like Fancy Nancy. There is even glitter on the cover. Being truthful without offending people is a complicated business for children, and even adults. This book is a great way to introduce the topic.

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