Monday, June 13, 2011

The Can Man

The Can Man
by Laura E. Williams
Lee & Low Books, 2010. Picture book.

This heart-warming book tells the story of a young boy named Tim who really wants a new skateboard. His birthday is coming up, but times are hard, and even if he pitches in the money he has saved, he knows he will not be getting a skateboard. As Tim watches the homeless man known as The Can Man collect cans throughout the neighborhood, he gets an idea. For the next week, he stays just ahead of The Can Man, and ends up collecting seven bags of cans--enough to buy his skateboard. Tim occasionally feels a bit guilty, especially after he realizes that The Can Man is collecting cans to replace his ripped jacket with a winter coat to keep him warm. Tim and The Can Man end up helping each other, and the result is a touching, timeless story of kindness.

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