Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Predator Vs. Prey Series

Predator Vs. Prey Series
by Mary Meinking
Raintree, 2011. 31 pages. Nonfiction

Looking for a book with an exciting fight to the possible death? Do you think you know how Lion Vs. Gazelle will end? How about Shark Vs. Penguin? This series has eight action packed volumes with endings more uncertain than you might think. The suspense builds as you turn the pages until you finally find out which animal is the winner. In addition to narrating the life and death struggles of each pairing, the books also give pertinent and interesting facts and figures about each competitor. The text is short and concise, and the accompanying photographs are remarkable.

Other titles in this series are Polar Bear Vs. Seal, Owl Vs. Mouse, Dolphin Vs. Fish, Crocodile Vs. Wildebeest, Wolf v. Elk, and Tarantula Vs. Bird.

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