Sunday, May 1, 2011


Manufactured by Kelly DiPucchio and Matthew Myers
Balzer & Bray, c2011. Unpaged picture book.

Once upon a time, Clink was the hippest robot on the block. Now, he sits rusting on the shelf of the store, watching newer, cooler robots go home with happy children. Clink doesn't have retractable arms or fancy attachments. He doesn't have much to offer, except for a staticky radio for a tummy, and his ability to make dry toast. As he watches happy families go home with other fancy new robots, he leaks rusty teardrops. One day, a young customer comes in looking for the perfect robot. The boy isn't impressed with the shiny gizmos in the store, and walks out playing an old tune on his harmonica. Once Clink begins playing old fashioned music in reply, he catches the boy's attention and it is instant love. This fun, heartfelt picture book hits just the right note. Matthew Myers' illustrations are imaginative, and Kelly DiPucchio's story is perfection.

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