Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bug Zoo

Bug Zoo
by Nick Baker
Dorling Kindersley 2010. 64 pages. Nonfiction.

Nick Baker has been an avid bug zoo maker for years, and his knowledge and enthusiasm shines through in this fascinating and fun book. Every page is packed with information, instructions and colorful photos on how to catch, make comfortable and study different kinds of backyard bugs. Almost all the paraphernalia needed to make your bug zoo can be found at home or made with common items. One such item is a pooter--a serious piece of gear with a silly name that you use to capture very small creatures that would otherwise be very difficult to pick up--made simply out of a lidded jar and plastic tubing. This is a great book for aspiring entomologists, or anyone wanting to learn a bit more about the bugs living all around us.

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