Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three by the Sea

Three by the Sea
by Mini Grey
Knopf, 2010. Unpaged. Picture Book

A dog, a mouse, and a one-eyed cat live in a beach hut by the sea. The dog does the gardening, the mouse cooks, and the cat cleans house; that is, until a fox representing the Winds of Change Trading Company shows up to sow discord: why does the dog only plant bones in your garden? he asks. Why do you always have to have cheese fondue for supper, and are you sure that cat isn't sleeping more than cleaning? Soon the friends are at each other's throats and the mouse decides to leave. The cat has an uneasy feeling and walks up the beach and suddenly hears a desperate squeak! The mouse is drowning! The cat can't swim but goes to the mouse anyway. They will both drown unless . . . along comes the dog. The friends are reconciled but don't go quite back to normal as the Winds of Change Trading Company has blown in some good differences as well. Mini Grey has done it again with a lovely book about friendship and growth, delightful, memorable pictures throughout.

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