Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street

One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street
By Joanne Rocklin
Amulet Books, 2011. 207 pages. Fiction.

Robert is an aspiring magician, Ali has a baby brother who suffers from a terminal illness, Leandra is furious at the prospect of a new baby sister, and Bunny experiences anxiety when her mother is away. These four children who have grown up together on Orange Street are in for a day of discovery and adventure. On this particular day, a stranger comes to look around the childrens' hangout, an abandoned lot that is home to the last surviving tree from their neighborhood's orange grove. The oldest person on the street, Mrs. Snoops, is the only one who might know who this strange man is. (The children call her Mrs. Snoops because she knows everything about everyone who has ever set foot on Orange Street.) The only problem is, she suffers from dementia and has trouble remembering much. Read to find out what secrets unfold!

What a superb, slice-of-life juvenile novel! The everyday, real-life details are so funny. Don't we all know an old neighborhood snoop? This is a perfect read for a beautiful summer day, or on a day when you just need some light in your life. The mystery is lighthearted but still interesting.

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marsha j said...

Sounds like a super fun book--I am going to read it thanks to your review!