Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Close to Famous

Close to Famous
by Joan Bauer
Viking, 2011. 250 pgs. Fiction

Foster and her mother are on the run from Elvis. An Elvis impersonator (and her mother’s bad news ex-boyfriend) to be exact. They find themselves hiding out in a small, backward town called Culpepper. By worldly standards, the humble citizens of Culpepper may not be much of anything special—but as Foster soon discovers—that doesn’t stop them from loving hard and dreaming big. Foster’s own dreams of becoming a famous Food Network cook may seem far away at the moment, but her new friends in Culpepper just might have the answers to helping her and her mother find their own happily ever after. At times playful and light-heart, at other times solemn and thought-provoking, this novel was almost as delicious to read as Foster’s homemade, frosted cupcakes.

If you loved Joan Bauer's past books, this one is a must read.

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