Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Boy Who Cried Ninja

The Boy Who Cried Ninja
By Alex Latimer
Peachtree, 2011. Unpaged picture book.

Tim is a boy who nobody ever believes. Perhaps this is because every time there is something missing or broken, he blames it on strange creatures, such as a time-traveling monkey or a cupboard-dwelling pirate. Tim's parents give him chore after chore, hoping he will be cured of his lying ways. To prove his innocence, he tricks all of his creature friends into coming to his house. After his parents see a ninja, an astronaut, a giant squid, a pirate, a crocodile, and a monkey at the door, they immediately apologize for not believing Tim all along! They promise him a hundred ice creams, and make the strange creatures do his chores. I can't get over how cute this book is. It's a fresh take on an old tale, and is well-written with gentle humor. Even the characters are fun to look at. I love Alex Latimer's illustration style- everyone is sort of oblong with big heads and skinny arms.

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lw said...

A truly terrific book, well-reviewed!