Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are the Drums for You?

Are the Drums for You?
By Elaine Landau
Lerner Publications, c2011. 40 pages. Nonfiction.

This is a great new series called "Ready to Make Music." This title in particular gives the full scope on what it takes to be a drummer. The beginning outlines how to get started and what's included in a standard drum set. There are back stories about famous musicians, as well as real-life kid drummers. I especially enjoyed learning about different types of rhythms- rock, jazz, classical, and more. The book ends with a fun quiz, "Are the Drums Right for You?" Not surprisingly, I found that I am not meant to be a drummer, as I am not very patient with new skills and I can't keep a beat. Maybe my next checkout will be "Is the Guitar for You?"

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lw said...

Mine will be, "Is the Kazoo for You?"