Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ora the Sea Monster

Ora the Sea Monster
By Cari Meister
Illustrated by Dennis Messner.

Stone Arch Books, 2010. 31 Pages. Easy Reader.

Ora is a sea monster with two wings, four arms, and six toes on each foot, and who can't speak. She only comes out of the sea when she is looking for treasure- her favorite thing in the world. One day, a boy sees her and asks her for help in fighting a dragon at his castle. Ora indicates that she will do it in return for, you guessed it, treasure! She defeats the dragon with her fire breath, and is rewarded with a golden horn.

The weird world in which Ora lives is animated, bright, and interesting. Overall, a fantastically fun read for new readers. The creatures are like something out of "Yo Gabba Gabba," and the stories are very clever! Parents will like the ideas for helping their young readers (the first page in the book) and the short list of new story words.

There are three books in this series:
Ora the Sea Monster
Three Claws the Mountain Monster
Moopy the Underground Monster

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