Thursday, January 27, 2011

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments That Make Science Fun
By Steve Spangler
Greenleaf Book Group Press, c2010. 155 pages. Nonfiction.

This book is perfect for science fair projects or winter days when you are stuck inside. Steve Spangler has been featured several times on The Ellen Degeneres Show because of his crazy antics, and his humor makes this a stellar book. Each experiment in this book has a supply list and step by step instructions, as well as stunning photos of the process. Spangler also includes tips on how to take the experiment further, and the science principles behind the results. For some, there is a section on real world applications.

My personal favorite chapter is entitled "Don't try this at home...Try it at a friend's home!" This chapter has experiments of the dangerous and messy variety. There is an experiment called "Burning Money," where you can coat a bill in rubbing alcohol and water, and then light it on fire. The money itself doesn't burn! Spangler explains that only the solution burns, and the bill will even be cool to the touch. The secret is the water- it evaporates from the heat of the burning alcohol. Obviously all experiments need to be done with parental supervision, but you will be the coolest parent around if you help your kids with these awesome projects!

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