Thursday, December 23, 2010


by Lila Prap
NorthSouth, 2010. Unpaged. Informational picture book.

A chicken has found an amazing book that claims that birds are the descendants of creatures called "Dinosaurs." The chicken gathers the others from the hen house around and tells them about their incredible heritage. It is a very cute book and a new way to introduce the most common dinosaur names and facts.

The book features one dinosaur per spread, with facts about the dinosaur in a side box and the chickens' funny comments in conversation bubbles. It is illustrated with bright colors in a bold cartoon style. Everything is fun and child friendly. Although all the facts mentioned are correct, the illustrations are stylized, and not intended to be biologically accurate. This is a great book for 4-6 year-olds who are going through their paleo-crazy stage.

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lw said...

I love "paleo-crazy." Have you ever seen that book of how to make a dinosaur out of chicken bones? I think ours is long gone and the book is out of print, which is probably just as well as it seems kind of disturbing to create a skeleton of your ancestors out of your own carcass.