Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth

Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth
by Sandra Dutton
juvenile realistic fiction
134 pages
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2010

Mary Mae is ten-years-old and full of questions. The questions make her mother very uncomfortable as they challenge her interpretation of The Holy Bible. Many of her queries stem from her science class and what she is learning about fossils and the dinosaurs. In an attempt to stifle her curiosity the Pastor suggests that her Sunday School class perform a puppet show about the Creation. Mary Mae is happy to do this although it spawns even more questions for her. Mama is so determined that she stop learning about such things that supposedly conflict with her beliefs, that she pulls Mary Mae out of school with the intention of homeschooling. Thankfully Mary Mae has the support and listening-ear of her beloved great-grandmother with whom she shares a passion and talent for music. How long will Mama ignore the evidence in her very own backyard before she realizes that Mary Mae means no harm?
A sweet realistic novel showing a spirited yet confused young girl who refuses to just give in and conform to her parents beliefs. Mary Mae must develop her own faith in her world and God just as everyone should do.

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Sandra Dutton said...

Dear Provo City Librarians,

Thank you for your lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed "Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth."

Sandra Dutton