Thursday, September 30, 2010

Code Quest: Hieroglyphs

Code Quest: Hieroglyphs
by Sean Callery, illustrated by Jurgen Ziewe
Kingfisher, 2010. 48 pages. Non-fiction

Callery's sumptuously illustrated volume on ancient Egyptian culture and language interleaves descriptions and explanations of tomb raiders, cat worship, ideograms, and the Rosetta stone with the story of a Dr. Cameron Stone and a mysterious green-eyed woman named Nefret, as they seek a golden cat stolen from a tomb. Readers must decipher hieroglyphic clues, adding spaces and vowels to transliterations, all the time gleaning information about ancient Egypt. With the study of Ancient Egypt as a core curriculum item in our school, Callery's new book should be just the ticket for students and Egyptology fans.

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