Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Meeting

The Meeting
Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox #1
by Brigitte Luciani & Eve Tharlet
Children's graphic novel
Minneapolis, MN : Graphic Universe, 2010

Mrs. Fox and her young daughter flee from their burrow just before the hunting dogs destroy it. They are seeking shelter and a place to rest when they accept the hospitality of Mr. Badger. The badger children aren't too sure of these strangers staying in their home and putting them out of their beds. The little fox thinks she is too good to play badger games and doesn't settle in well with them either. When the parents decide this might be a bit of a more permanent solution and begin expanding the badgers burrow to make more room, the youngsters' emotions explode with surprising results. This cutely illustrated graphic novel is obviously trying to show the struggles some people face when blending families. The author specifically demonstrates some parallels to a family of multiple ethnicity. If a child is soon to be a part of this type of situation, reading this book with them might help them prepare and adjust more easily.

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