Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mouse Magic

Mouse Magic
Wizards of Mickey Vol. 1
all-ages graphic novel
Los Angeles : Boom! Studios, 2010

Mickey is a sorcerer's apprentice, of course! When his master is off on an errand, he is left in charge of the village's Diamagic - the source of rain needed to grow their crops. Not surprisingly, Mickey goofs up and Peg-Leg Pete steals the Diamagic. Mickey leaves Miceland in shame, determined to regain the crystal that is so important to his neighbors. He stumbles into a competition for sorcerers where the final prize is the entire collection of Diamagics that would make the winner the Sorcerer Supreme over all the land. The only thing standing in Mickey's way is the fact that you have to compete as a team of three and Mickey is all by himself. Enter Donald Duck with pet dragon Fafnir and Goofy to complete the team and call themselves Wizards of Mickey. I am sure you can imagine the bumbling methods they use to compete in the games! An entertaining read for all ages.

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