Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enchanted Glass

Enchanted Glass
By Diana Wynne Jones
Greenwillow Books, 2010. 292 pp. Juvenile fiction.

When Andrew Hope inherits his grandfather's land and home, he never expects all the turmoil and craziness that inevitably ends up becoming his lot. However, when Aidan Cain shows up one day in need of care and shelter, he seems to be tailed by trouble--everyone seems out to get him. As the lands are spelled with magic of all sorts, Andrew finds himself inadvertently using magics he had forgotten about; things his grandfather had tried to teach him as a child but had slipped from his memory completely. Aidan is invited to stay with Andrew and they both begin having magical adventures while trying to figure out the responsibilities Andrew has as the new caretaker and owner of Melstone House.

Diana Wynne Jones has produced yet another wonderful book with Enchanted Glass! She has amazing storytelling talent and always produces memorable, complex, fascinating characters--and this book is no exception. Infused with her sly, witty humor, this story had me laughing in many places, especially at the oddities of the folk of Melstone House. I have read and loved her books since I was in elementary school and it is a real joy to be able to read new stories by her now. This was a captivating read from beginning to end and is an excellent, delightful story that will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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