Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shark VS. Trains by Chris Barton

Shark VS. Trains
by Chris Barton; illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld
Little, Brown and Company, 2010. Unpaged. Picture book.

Who will win? Shark and Train are at odds to see who is the best and strongest. However, it all depends on where they are fighting. For instance, in the ocean, Shark definitely has the advantage, but on the railroad tracks, it’s a different story. But those are the obvious answers. Other questions arise, such as who is the best at going off a high dive, sword fighting on a tight rope, or being an amusement fair ride. This book is hilarious and sure to be any little boy's favorite. The pictures are fun, full of color and emotion, and depict the battle between the two with great imagination. I wonder if the two will ever be friends….this book is definitely a winner!

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