Saturday, May 1, 2010


By Kathryn Jackson; illustrated by Steven Salerno
Golden Books, 2010. Unpaged. Picture book.

Pantaloon the poodles just adores pies, pastries, and cakes, so when the Baker advertises for help, Pantaloon is the first to apply--but Baker won't even give him a chance! Pantaloon tries a number of different ways to get the job but just ends up antagonizing Baker even more. Finally, Pantaloon gets a chance to redeem himself by managing the whole shop while Baker is out of commission. Read the book to find out whether or not Pantaloon will be successful!

I absolutely loved the chic, retro illustrations in this book--they reminded me of picture books I grew up reading. The colors are sharp and vibrant and Pantaloon is quite adorable! The story is charming and fun as well. Altogether, this books makes a very enjoyable read!

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