Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dinosaurs Eye to Eye

Dinosaurs Eye to Eye
By John Woodward
DK Publishing, 2010. 96 pp. Juvenile nonfiction.

Dinosaurs Eye to Eye has a cover that makes you want to pick the book up. Luckily the inside is just as fascinating. Each spread in the book is about a particular dinosaur. There is a little information about the dinosaurs, but the picture is the main focus of each page. They are computer images that make you feel as if the creator has actually seen some of these creatures in real life. I also enjoyed the fast facts section where the reader can quickly find out information about each dinosaur such as where we have found fossils, when it lived, its diet and how big the dinosaur was. Any dinosaur lover will eat this book up and will want to look through it time and time again. Lastly, have you ever wondered what you would last see if a dinosaur decided to have you for dinner? Make sure you check out pages 50-51! It’s my favorite.

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