Saturday, April 24, 2010

Famous Fenton Has a Farm by Dawn Babb Prochovnic

Famous Fenton Has a Farm
by Dawn Babb Prochovnic
Ill. by Stephanie Bauer
Magic Wagon, Minnesota, 2010
Move over Old Macdonald, Famous Fenton has taken over your place in the farming business! Famous Fenton Has a Farm is told is the same verse as Old Macdonald, but Fenton is a more hip farmer. He even dresses better! (Gotta love overalls with polka dots!) The animals are not your average animals either! The pigs are wearing wigs, ducks are driving trucks, crows are wearing bows, and cats are swinging baseball bats. Throughout the story there are also different signs for children to either begin learning American Sign Language or increase their vocabulary. All in all, the book was fun and made me laugh. The biggest problem in this easy reader is the illustrations. They are boring and not creative. Still, for a tougher easy reader, this book was pretty get down on the farm good.

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