Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pierre Le Poof by Andrea Beck

Pierre Le Poof by Andrea Beck
Picture Book
Orca Book Publishers

Pierre, a poodle, lives with his owner, Miss Murphy, and lives a pampered life, being constantly puffed and fluffed, and sleeping on cushions in the big bay window which looks out onto the park. Pierre longs to run through the park with the wind whipping through his long hair, completely unpuffed and unfluffed. He gets the chance to live out his fantasy and discovers freedom is not all he thought it would be.

If you're a pet owner who treats their animals like they are humans, you'll like this story. Pierre is dressed for outings, has his own bed, and keeps regular weekly appointments for various lessons and shampooing. You'll find comfort in the fact that Pierre learns his lesson about acting like a real dog and, in the end (yes-I'm giving a spoiler), gains a full appreciation for his comfy, easy, human life, and his doting owner. (I could launch into a psychoanalysis of how Pierre is humanized by his owner because . . . oh, never mind. I won't because this is the Children's blog.)

Cute illustrations and story. The pictures of Pierre covered in garbage are the best! A nice read aloud.

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