Friday, March 26, 2010

Fireboy to the Rescue: A Fire Safety Book

Fireboy to the Rescue: A Fire Safety Book
written and illustrated by Edward Miller
Juvenile Nonfiction - 628.92
Holiday House - 2010

Fireboy will teach you all about fire safety! He explains how fire is good, when it can be bad, what to do during a fire, and how to prevent one. He's so knowledgeable and helpful, that Fireboy! Every page is bright and bold with illustrations that reminded me of "The Incredibles", sure to keep the attention of children. Some of the pages are in comic book form which help give the book a feeling of energy. It fits, since fire is energy. The author lists his web site on the dedication page. There are activities and materials that can be used in accompaniment with Fireboy. An excellent read, supplying both education and enjoyment.

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