Saturday, March 13, 2010

Erroll by Hannah Shaw

written and illustrated by Hannah Shaw
Picture Book

I'm officially a Hannah Shaw fan! Her first book, Sneaky Weasel, was cute, funny, with a good message without being preachy. Now, here's Erroll (I think it pronounced air-roll), a lively squirrel who finds his way into a little boy's bag of Nutti Nutts. The boy, Bob, and Erroll have an eventful afternoon together, as evidenced by the condition of the house when they're done. Bob's mom isn't too happy when she sees it all. What does she do about it? Well, read Erroll and find out. It doesn't end there, though. Shaw throws in a funny twist at the end which will draw a great reaction from kids! (Also sets up a nice "prediction" discussion.) Well done, again, Hannah!

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