Monday, March 15, 2010

Babymouse Burns Rubber

Babymouse Burns Rubber
by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holm
Random House, 2010. 91 pgs. Comics.

Babymouse meets NASCAR in this celebration of friendship and vehicular speed. As the story begins, Babymouse walks out of the tunnel in her fireproof racing suit adorned with a large pink heart, to the cheers of a large crowd of motorheads. In real life, she is riding her bike and, veering right instead of left, lands in the pigpen. Luckily, good friend Wilson agrees to repair her bike (again!) and then tips her off to the upcoming Downhill Derby where Wilson hopes his Flying Ferret will finally defeat Chuck E. Cheetah, the three-time champion. But now Babymouse wants to enter and the "little help" she needs means Wilson pretty much builds her car. Who will win the race? Babymouse, the scheming daydreaming last-minute rookie? Chuck E. Cheetah in his frightening "Dark Star"? or Wilson, the long-suffering, self-sacrificing friend? Read Babymouse Burns Rubber to discover the shocking ending to the Race of the Century! Great fun for all ages.

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