Friday, March 12, 2010

Ambushed By a Cougar by Sue Hamilton

Ambushed by a Cougar
by Sue Hamilton
ABDO Publishing; 2010; 32 pages

This is a book for boys. (And maybe a couple of girls with a strong stomach!) Cougars are deadly and this book proves it. The first of the book is a basic introduction to cougars. Did you know that a cougar can jump 30 feet? Or 18 feet straight up? These facts make it even more impressive that people live through cougar attacks. The rest of the book is filled with different stories about people who have been attacked by this animal. Readers beware though some of the stories have some gruesome details included and also some pictures. My biggest problem with the book is it mainly sounded like most cougar attacks happen in California. Hmm, doesn’t Utah have a lot of cougars? All in all though it made for fascinating, quick nonfiction read and makes you think twice about what you would do if you were the cougar’s next victim!

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