Friday, February 5, 2010

Years of Dust: The Story of the Dust Bowl by Albert Marrin

Nonfiction; 2009; 122 pages
Dutton's Children's Books

What did I like most about Years of Dust? Was it the fascinating, heartbreaking historical account of over 10 years of drought, depression, wind, dust, and barren dryness that struck the Great Plains of the United States in the 1930's? Or was it the many haunting black and white photographs of people, places, dust storms, and shriveled plant life that so well document the horrible decade known as the Dust Bowl? Perhaps it was the very interesting "pre-bowl" information that Marrin lays out as to how and why the Dust Bowl actually happened. (It wasn't just "nature". People caused the Dust Bowl.) Or maybe it was the last section that describes other parts of the world where the same things that created the Dust Bowl in the US are happening, even as we speak (or as I write). While I figure out what I liked most, you go check out Years of Dust. You'll find it in the 900's - 978.032, to be exact. WAIT! I know what I liked the most . . . my new found appreciation for the buffalo. Why? Read and find out.

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