Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lion's Lunch?

Lion's Lunch?
By Fiona Tierney; illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain
Chicken House, 2010. Unpaged. Picture book.

During a casual stroll through the jungle, young Sarah is accosted by an angry, grumpy lion who claims he will gobble her whole unless she can prove she can do something better than the jungle animals. She draws a picture of the lion, but he doesn't like how she portrays him and wants to dispose of her immediately! The other animals come to her defense and escort her safely out of the jungle, but the lion has a change of heart after pondering his angry-looking portrait. Is it enough to cure him of his bullying ways?

Dynamic pen and ink illustrations that have been digitally colored in vibrant hues create a fun atmosphere for the story. The tale will help children understand that being kind and friendly will bring much more happiness than being pushy and aggressive. An added charm to the story are all the fun animal sounds and actions included in the book that children will enjoy reading aloud and acting out.

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