Monday, February 8, 2010

Letters to a Soldier

Letters to a Soldier
by First Lieutenant David Falvery and Mrs. Julies Hutt's Fourth-Grade Class

This book is an awesome reminder of the sacrifices our troops make for us and how we can help them while they are away from their family. First Lieutenant David Falvey was in Iraq when Mrs. Julie Hutts’ fourth grade class decided to write him thank you letters. This is a book of these letters and his responses to each and every one of them. The children asked him questions such as What is your favorite baseball team?, What animals do you like?, and What is your life like out there? At the back is information on how to write a soldier to your own. I loved this book because of the support these children showed the troops. The soldier didn’t throw politics into anything he just states and explains the reason why there is a war right now. It makes me want to write a letter myself!

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lw said...

Might be a good project for the ReaderGuys, eh?