Friday, February 19, 2010

10 King and Queens Who Changed the World

10 King and Queens Who Changed the World
by Clive Gifford
Illustrated by David Cousens
MacMillian Children's Books; 2009; 64 pages

Can you think of 10 kings or queens that changed the world? This question is the main reason that I picked this book up. Some of the rulers found in this book I expected to be in there, some I was surprised they had made the cut, and some I got to learn about for the first time. One that I expected in there was Elizabeth I. One that I was shocked by was the fact that Henry VIII made it in this book. (He actually had other accomplishments other than killing his wives!) One that I wasn’t familiar with was Suleiman the Magnificent, but after this brief overview I can now say I know a little more about him and his reign.

Each ruler has a few pages dedicated to them and their life. The pictures are comic book like pictures. (They are nice, but I think they made Queen Elizabeth I a lot prettier then she really was.) There are also numerous text boxes on each page with other tidbits about the person. While this book wasn’t amazing it was interesting to learn and relearn information about some of the great and powerful people who have made the world what it was today. One person I expected to be in there was King George III because he lost control of the America and lost the Revolutionary War, (which led to the rise of the most powerful nation) but he didn’t make the cut.

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