Friday, December 4, 2009

Truce by Jim Murphy

by Jim Murphy
Nonficiton; 2009

Truce by Jim Murphy is a fantastic book that shows how powerful the Christmas spirit can be. Truce is a nonfiction book about warfare in the trenches during World War I. Times were hard and men were not only dying from war wounds but also by disease. In fact, main military commanders knew that the key to winning the war would be to get the other sides morale down. The opposing side’s trenches were so close that the soldiers would sometimes talk and sing to one another. On Christmas day though a miracle happened and many (not all) of the trench locations called a truce to celebrate this wonderful holiday. When the military commanders heard about this they called for the truce to end immediately. Sadly the truce did end after Christmas, but some people believe that if the commanders wouldn’t have stopped the truce then war would have ended and thousands of lives could have been saved. This was a fantastic book full of amazing pictures of trench warfare, soldiers, maps, and war. This well researched book is a fantastic source of information. A perfect book for a history lover and one of my favorite non-fictions of the year!

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