Monday, December 28, 2009

Paris Pan Takes the Dare by Cynthea Liu

Paris Pan Takes the Dare
by Cynthea Liu
Jr. Fiction

Paris Pan is the new girl in school and she isn’t very excited about it. She moves to Nowheresville, Oklahoma, her school is tiny, and everyone who lives there has to play on the basketball team. Oh and did I mention that her family is a little crazy. Her dad travels to work and is gone for weeks at a time, her mom works like crazy and still calls Paris Baby, and sometimes her siblings are just plain mean to her.

On the first day of school Paris is relieved to get a note from a girl named Mayo asking her if she would like to be friends. It is Mayo’s birthday and for it they are going to reenact the dare. Years ago a girl went into the woods for a dare and was never seen alive again. After years and years of searching for her, finally a few of her bones were found. What really happened to her was a mystery. Many thought that perhaps a serial killer was living in the woods and waiting to strike again, others thought maybe a wild animal had gotten to her, while others thought she had drowned. There is also the fact that Paris thinks she has seen her ghost and the missing girl’s dolls randomly show up. Paris wants to do the dare with her new friends to be accepted, but she is scared and other friends try to warn her away from doing it. This is an exciting book that is a thriller (not that scary though) and mystery all at the same time. Through it all Paris learns how to discover who her true friends are and to appreciate her family more.

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