Monday, December 28, 2009

Bobby vs. Girls (accidentally) by Lisa Yee

Bobby vs. Girls (accidentally)
by Lisa Yee
Jr. Fiction

Boys and girls love stories where each gender is against the other. This story fits just into that category except for Billy never wanted to turn against his ex best friend, Holly. One summer after being away for vacation he discovers that Holly has become more and more like a girl. She is wearing dresses, acting like a girl, and instead of going to find rocks the day before school starts which is tradition, she chooses to go shopping. Life is also rough for Billy because he has a pet goldfish that he doesn’t want, his dad (who is an ex football player) just joined the PTA, and he is running for the class election against Holly. This is a fun book and one that anyone can relate to who has lost a friend to someone else for one reason or another.

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