Monday, November 16, 2009

Tiny & Hercules

by Amy Schwartz
Roaring Brook Press, 2009. Unpaged. Picture Book
Tiny (an elephant) and Hercules (a mouse) are the best of friends and have a series of Frog and Toad-like adventures in this delightful new picture book. Hercules is horrified to be invited to an ice skating party because "I can't ice-skate my way out of a paper bag!" Don't worry, says Tiny, I'll teach you. Tiny is a slow learner, alas, but Hercules figures out a way they can both look good at Irma's party. Later Tiny helps Hercules when Hercules takes an art class and needs a BIG, STUPENDOUS subject to paint. And what to do when Hercules' 103 year old Uncle Roy blows and blows and blows at the candles on his birthday cake and leaves 102 candles still lit? Tiny can help with that, too. Friendship and fun are the twin engines driving Tiny & Hercules. May this be the first of many more.

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