Friday, October 2, 2009

Marsupials by Nic Bishop

Did you know that there are over forty types of kangaroos in Australia? Or that kangaroos have tendons in their legs that are like bungee cords that help them jump so fast? Nic Bishop is at it again with another book full of amazing photographs. Marsupials is about all kinds of crazy marsupials in Australia. Learn about the common animals such as kangaroos and koalas but also learn about more obscure ones such as a bilby, dunnart and numbat. Haha! Great Australian names for Australian animals! My only complaint is that sometimes Bishop describes things, but there is no accompanying picture. For example marsupial babies are so small they look like pink jelly beans with two legs when they are born! I was so fascinated that I wanted to see a picture of them! (Don’t worry I looked it up elsewhere!) However, even with that small complaint, the information in the book was interesting and the pictures superb! Any of Bishop’s books are great for reluctant nonfiction readers and people who love animals and nonfiction.

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