Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Bad Kitty

Happy Birthday Bad Kitty
written and illustrated by Nick Bruel
159 pages
New York : Roaring Brook, c2009

Bad Kitty is back with a vengeance! His loving owner is throwing him a birthday party. But the silly owner's first mistake is waking Kitty up for that party! Doesn't he know that cat's are generally quite grumpy if woken up from a nice pleasant nap? Despite all the neighborhood cats bringing him gifts and having a birthday cake that defies description, Bad Kitty's birthday is just not what was planned. It is made slightly better at the end by a surprise visitor and an especially thoughtful gift. While not quite as hilarious as Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, Bruel's lovably naughty Kitty still made me laugh out loud. The informative sections were an nice addition to the story, but it was the illustrations that really made the book so enjoyable.

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