Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Goblin Baby

The Goblin Baby
by Berlie Doherty
ill. Lesley Harker
120 pages
age 7-10
New York : Random House, 2009

Tam isn't too sure he wants a baby sister. Then he holds her and is captivated by her eyes. He names her Blue and becomes the best big brother ever. One night he is woken by terrible sounds from the baby's room. Rushing to see what is wrong with his sister, he finds an ugly changeling in her place. Blue had been stolen! His parents are devastated and won't have anything to do with the little goblin. Tam with his gift of naming, calls her Pix and becomes the only one she will let near her. Finally Great-grandpa tells Tam a way he can take Pix back to the fairies and reclaim Blue. As young Tam sets out on his quest he is nervous but determined to make his family whole and happy again.
A cute little fairy-tale adventure for intermediate chapter book readers. This book does not have a complex storyline, but there are some likable characters. My favorite was Pix!

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