Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Not Build a Frankenstein! by Neil Numberman

So this is the big question…. After you build Frankenstein, what are you supposed to do with him? Well, that is the problem that the main boy in this book faces. In fact, it is such a problem for him that he yells out to all the children in his new town (He had to move to a new town to escape Frankstein) and tells them that they should not build a Frankenstein! The best thing about this book was how he made his announcement. The illustration does such a great job and I found myself both hearing him and wanting to scream with him all at the same time. The Frankenstein he built isn’t mean however; the problem is he takes up too much time. He always wants to play, he scares his friends and pets, and he is so annoying. The illustrations throughout the entire book are simple but very fun. This is the perfect book for both boys and girls who are looking for a good laugh; especially around Halloween. Check it out to find out if YOU should consider building your own Frankenstein and if it is possible to ditch him once you do.


lw said...

Ha! What a scream, so to speak. Great review.

2112 said...

Geddy loved this one more than I did. I agree that the way he made his announcement was great! Pictures were cute but I think Frankenstein could have been cuter! (I didn't like his legs:)