Thursday, August 13, 2009

Claire and the Water Wish

Claire and the Water Wish
by Janic Poon
graphic novel
age 8-12
Claire and Jet are back to solve another mystery. But first, will their friendship survive a class assignment or will Jet's new camera come between them. Claire meets Sky, a girl in their class who lives way out in the country by Lovesick Lake. Sky tells her that the lake water is making people ill. While visiting the lake Jet and Claire stumble upon the reason for the tainted water. Now they just need to notify the authorities before the bad guys catch them and get away!
A fun reader-friendly graphic novel for elementary school girls. The creator touches upon important issues such as friendships and protecting the environment. If you're interested in the first Claire adventure, check out my review of Claire and the Bakery Thief.

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