Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Graphic Novels for Young Girls

These two books have just a couple things in common, they are both graphic novels with girls as the main character and they both involve a mystery.

Claire and the Bakery Thief by Janice Poon is about a young city girl who moves to the country so her parents can start an organic bakery. Claire meets a girl who has as vivid an imagination as she does. When Claire's mom disappears with the Artificial Flavoring Salesman the girls are ready to solve the mystery. Will their sleuthing lead to danger or will the world be saved from imitation bread? As an added bonus several recipes mentioned in the book are given at the end with complete instructions so you can make them at home.

Teacher Torture, volume one in the Kat & Mouse series, is a manga graphic novel by Alex de Campi. Kat moves across the country when her father gets a teaching position in a prestigious private school. As a new student at the school, Kat soon realizes who the popular kids are, and that they mean trouble. Luckily there is one girl Mouse who she becomes friends with. When Kat's father starts receiving blackmail letters, the girls decide to solve the mystery themselves so he won't lose his job. Will they be friends with the popular crowd when they're done or will they be more disliked than ever? The added bonus with this book is the do-it-yourself instructions for dusting for fingerprints at home included at the back.

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