Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bobby Bramble Loses his Brain

Bobby Bramble Loses his Brain
By Dave Kean, illus. by David Clark
Clarion Books, 2009. 32 pgs. Picture book.

Young Bobby Bramble always performs wild stunts despite the warnings from his family that he will crack his head open. When Bobby's head does indeed split one day, so does his brain...out into the city, as if it has a mind of its own! Everyone rallies to recapture the wayward brain, but it turns out only one person is capable of controlling such a nimble mind.

This book is a hilariously zany piece of work that will keep you rooting for Bobby and laughing your head off (while keeping your brain intact). If nothing else, this book will instill a strong caution against losing your own mind, because Bobby's is an awfully creepy cauliflower-looking thing with legs, and who wants to see one of those running about?

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