Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where's My Mummy? by Carolyn Crimi

Picture Book
illustrated by John Manders

Here's a new picture book, perfect for, and well ahead of, Halloween. It's the story of Little Baby Mummy who talks his Big Mama Mummy into a game of "Hide and Shriek". Little Baby Mummy proceeds to go out and hide in various spooky places; the graveyard, the deep, dark woods, the slithery swamp, the shivery cave, and a creaky, squeaky tree. At each place, he encounters an equally spooky creature; Bones, the skeleton, Glob, a blobby, Jabba-the-Hutish kind of thing, and Drac (I think you can guess what he is). Little Baby Mummy isn't too scared, until he comes face to face with the last creature, a fearsome, brutish thing. I won't tell you what it is, you have to read the book. His mummy comes to the rescue and all ends well. The illustrations, by John Manders, are done in gouache (pronounced gwash), which is an opaque kind of water color. The pictures are fun and lively. I really like the Glob.

A fun Halloween book, more silly and cute than spooky and scary.

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2112 said...

A cute, adorable story. A fun not scary Halloween tale. 3-year-old boy approved!